What is the Quik-Load?

Have you ever tried to load a rimfire rifle with a tube magazine, a 22lr, 22 mag or 17HMR, with gloves on, or when its 20 degrees (or colder)? Do you load it from the cartidge box or from a pocket? It usally takes 3 hands to do it safely and not drop any ammo (and who can afford to lose ammo in today's market?)


If you have limited dexterity (arthritis like me or a previous injury) Quik-Load is the perfect answer to bringing those old rifles back into service that we did not enjoy loading. In fact, Quik-Load can be operated safely using only one hand. (see the video click here)


With Quik-Load you simply preload the tool ahead of time where it's warm, dry and clean. Each Quik-Load holds 17 rounds so 3 of them will hold one box of shell (51 actually)


It is about the same size as your average single stack magazine. It works by sliding the cartridges across the top of the magazine tube and the shells drop in by gravity. It is virtually impossible to drop shells on the ground since there is a 'stop' incorported in the design to prevent the shells from passing over the tube. 


You can load one round at a time, top off after firing a few shots or fully load your magazine in just a few seconds.


For safety, your hands never need to be infront of the muzzle.


There is NOTHING else like it on the market. (unless you want to carry a 2 foot long 3 inch wide plastic tube - and dump all your shells in upside down or on the ground - how convenient?)


Be among the first to own a set of Quik-Load mag chargers!


Quik-Load can even be operated with one hand!



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Quik Products, LLC

822 E 41st St Suite 205

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Email:: kevinj605@gmail.com

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Inventor: Kevin Jensen



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