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TIP #1 - When first using your Quik-Load, pull firmly at first to release the detent, then continue to pull slowly. As you see how it works, you can start to speed up for optimum speed for your rifle. Wider magazine tubes feed quicker than narrow tubes simply because there is more space for the cartridge to fall into. It is so easy to use you can even load with one hand!  In this video I loaded 17 rounds in 3 seconds! (actual speed- turn up volume)


You can load one round at a time or up to seventeen. Completely reload or just top off after firing a few rounds. 



Place Quik-Load over the magazine tube and pull slowly at first - you will get faster with experience! Your Quik-Load can even be operated with one hand.

Tip #2 - Load your Quik-Load where it's dry and warm simply for your own comfort - obviously you can load them where ever you prefer. Have several Quik-Loads in your pocket and keep shooting! 3 Quik-Loads will hold 51 rounds, perfect for rabbit or squirrel hunting.

Tip #3 - Quik Load Works for 22mag and 17HMR ! When loading the longer cartridges start by inserting the empty carrier into the housing so the first hole is exposed. Load the carrier thru the dispensing hole, then slide the carrier in 1/4 inch and load the next cartridge. Continue until full or as many as you want to load. The use the Quik-Load exactly as you would with 22lr. To empty the carrier simply dispense them on to a clean surface rather than just removing the carrier ! It is important to keep you Quik-Load clean when using it for 22Mag since cartridge dimensions are larger than 22lr. 

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